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Dance of Oneness® Academy is for you if you are…
A young dancer and want to connect your movement with spirituality, wisdom and healing modalities that can evolve you and help ignite global change though a modality that is a blend of guided and free-style dance.
A professional dancer, devoted to movement, who is looking to find a deeper meaning, sacredness and joy in your practice.
An ageless dancer (female, male, nonbinary), who embraces the body as essential to becoming whole and wants to ground your spirituality in the body.

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Follow this journey of Courses and open to your full potential.

Dance of Oneness® Daily Practice Level I

A 37-min mixed level practice with the live music of Tony Khalife and poetry of Rumi. Access a sensual grace and gain tools to navigate our challenging times from a grounded, centered, loving and elevated state of joy and wisdom.

Living in Harmony Live Online Monthly Workshop

A 1.5-hr mixed level Workshop followed by a 30-min Community Circle. Create harmony in yourself, in your relationship with the Earth, with Spirit and with others through a combination of guided and free-style dance, mystical poetry and wisdom teachings.

Whirling Dance of the Heart 

Learn how to whirl in this 2-hr mixed level Course. Let this simple, step by step method combined with Sufi teachings and philosophy, help you overcome dizziness and fear so you can access the benefits of this profound movement meditation. 

Radiant Embodiment Series

A 64-hr mixed level journey through the Chakras and Feminine Archetypes designed to activate your light body. Come home to your body with loving, sensual grace, open and balance the Chakras, and embody the Feminine Archetypes corresponding to each Chakra.

30 Days of Dance 

A 33-hr mixed level Dance of Oneness® journey through the 4-Elements designed for physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Energize yourself and activate lasting joy, ALIVENESS and peace. Ground, center, open your heart and align with your purpose for being alive.

Path of the Dancer, 1.0 

A 12-hr intermediate Dance of Oneness® exploration of the secrets known only to dancers that can open you to your fullest potential. Embody the power, freedom, exuberance, resilience, flexibility, and grace of dance and transform your neurobiology and your life!

Rose of Love Live Online Course

In this intermediate level 8-hr journey, embody the love essence of the Rose through the sensual yet ethereal Persian dance. The Sessions are a balance between choreography, guided and free-style dance, Sufi and Divine Feminne teachings, and  Persian mystical poetry.

Womb of Compassion

A 12-hr intermediate level Dance of Oneness® journey into Sufi and Divine Feminine teachings with a focus on the sacred dance of Sama (whirling) and the Saqi (Muse) in Persian dance. Empower your inner core and dance to spread compassion.
Please email us if you have any questions or need guidance in starting your journey.