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Dance of Oneness
Daily Practice
Level 1
with Banafsheh and musician Tony Khalife

Welcome to the Dance of Oneness Daily Practice Level I

This 37-minute practice is designed for all bodies regardless of your ability and physical limitations and perfect to do on a daily basis. 

It will guide you to ground yourself in peace, and establish a loving connection with the Earth and the primal yin as the foundation of your body. You will learn to balance the feminine and masculine energies inside, release tension and rigidity, weave conscious awareness and a supple ease into your whole body.

 This practice activates presence, opening you to the source energy that permeates all and everything as you learn to embody grace, clarity, soft strength and fluid sensuality. You will literally feel unlimited within your very skin!

From this grounding, centering and balancing of opposites, you can open your heart to the love that is always pouring towards you from the source. You will be able to harmonize your body, heart, mind and soul so that you can experience your life with all its glory and all its pain, from the fullness of an embodied coherent loving intelligence.

With this practice you can develop and nourish the capacity to navigate the challenges of the times we live in with an elevated state of compassion and wisdom. We are blessed to have the original music of Tony Khalife and the poetry of Rumi inspiring our movement and our stillness. 


Mixed levels. Suitable for everyone who loves to move as well as people with some background in movement or dance, trained dancers, yoga and other movement practitioners.
Benefits of this Practice

A sense of aliveness and joy rooted in peace

An elevated, loving state

Even circulation of energy in your whole body

Sensuality, ease and grace

A fit and flexible body

Feeling energized and unlimited

Accessing joy independent of external or internal conditions

Boosting Immunity

Integrating heart, mind and body and creating coherence

Stress reduction

Healing body aches

Cultivating resiliency and adaptability

What People Are Saying

Each time I practice, I discover yet another sensation, opening or awareness in my body. I am surprised how powerful and deep simple movements can become, once you do them with consciousness and the awareness of the greater world around us. And I love the way the different sequences are connected. It’s concise in terms of exercises and simultaneously filled with so much spirit. It’s much more than a simple workout. Wonderful also the surrounding, the live music and the recitations of Rumi. Thank you!

Shiva Behzad, Germany Wonderful practice. So holistic

I’ve literally been doing the practice every day for 30 days in a row and it’s changing my life! I’ve always been a person that has had trouble sticking with practices, and Banafsheh’s amazing instruction and gentle, sustainable presentation has made it possible for me to do so. I’ve always wanted to be a professional dancer and to teach dance myself, and this practice is giving me the hope and encouragement that I can actually manifest my dream.

Azul Arco Iris, USA I can actually manifest my dream of being a dancer

A unique combination of soaring inspiration with easy to follow concrete direction. Suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced dancers and for anyone interested to access the full potential of their body, heart, mind, and spirit. Banafsheh is a God-send, helping us become fully alive in body heart mind and spirit, and to become agents of love and healing for ourselves and for the world.

Jeff Foust, USA Dance of Oneness is a portal to actualization

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    About Banafsheh

    Banafsheh Sayyad is a master Persian sacred dancer, choreographer and founder of Dance of Oneness®. She is a deeply profound and highly accessible spiritual teacher of embodiment. Banafsheh performs and teaches internationally, initiating people into the wisdom of their bodies. She inspires all to live in these modern times grounded in love for the Earth and centered around our abiding true nature. Her signature style of holy wildness infused with ancient wisdom ignites transformation and illumination in all those who dance with her from around the globe. Banafsheh invites the dancer within to remember, reclaim and resource the innate healing intelligence streaming through us and spiraling all around us. Her easeful instruction and welcoming spirit empowers students from all stages of life to feel a true sense of belonging in their bodies and passion in their lives, by integrating wisdom teachings proven throughout the ages.

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