In The Fire of Grace Film


Receive a transmission of Rumi’s soul through dance 

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Banafsheh embodies Rumi’s messages, and with her contagious passion transports your soul. She dances the soul’s archetypal journey into union with the Beloved through a whirlwind of Persian dance and spiritual Middle Eastern traditions. Like Rumi’s mystical vision, her divine feminine Sufi dance marries serene peace with the fierce, gorgeous passion of the divine.

Banafsheh’s In the Fire of Grace Film is accompanied by Andrew Harvey, teacher of mystic traditions, Rumi translator, poet and spiritual teacher, author of over 30 books, and architect of Sacred Activism.

Harvey simulates the voice of Rumi, summoning Banafsheh deeper into the flames of death and rebirth. His Rumi voice is a thunderous, captivating Shakespeare of the soul, seizing your soul unaware, demanding participation, and making retreat impossible.

The dances are illumined by discussions exploring the urgency of Rumi’s message to our turbulent world and the devastating, glorious paradoxes of the mystical journey – a rare jewel for enhancing the unfoldment of one’s own spirituality.

One day, in your wine shop,
I drank a little wine
And I threw off the robe of my body
And I knew, drunk on you,
This universe is harmony.
Creation, destruction,
I dance for them both.

– Rumi

“Part whirling dervish, part flamenco femme fatale, sensuous and audacious, Banafsheh’s dance is a mesmerizing foray into the body as trance mechanism; a DNA strand, supple, fluid and noble, come to life.”
– Los Angeles Times

“In watching Banafsheh dance, I knew I was witnessing a master performer in action.”
– Caroline Myss

Music by:
ZARBANG, Davoud Azad, Dr. L. Subramaniam, Pejman Hadadi and Babak Sharifi

Special Features:
Interview: Andrew Harvey and Banafsheh Subtitles: Persian and Spanish Calligraphy: Nasrollah Afjaie

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