Banafsheh is one of the greatest sacred dancers I have seen.


Deepak Chopra, Renowned Author and Teacher

I had the pleasure of attending Banafsheh’s a performance at Kripalu Center in MA. In watching her dance, I knew I was witnessing a master performer in action. Banafsheh is the quintessential professional in her field not only as a dancer but as an artistic interpreter of Rumi and in explaining the brilliance of that renowned Sufi mystic.


Caroline Myss, Renowned Author and Teacher

Banafsheh uses dance as a holy ritual. Her dancing is more than a feast for the eyes, it’s a joy to the spirit and an opening of the heart.


Marianne Williamson, Renowned Author and Teacher

Banafsheh is not only one of the greatest and inspired dancers in the world – and this is an opinion shared by many connoisseurs of dance – but she is also a wonderful teacher very precise and humble and grounded in the way she embraces all of her pupils and releases their deepest possibilities. I have had the honor of teaching with her a course that linked her form of dance with Rumi’s way of divine love both in America and Canada on several occasions and so know the power of her teaching first hand and consider her my teacher of Sacred Dance as well as someone of the deepest integrity. Working with Banafsheh on the film In the Fire of Grace has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life, both an initiation and a revelation. It is very rare to find an artist of such grandeur who also has the selflessness to teach with great patience and compassion.


Andrew Harvey, Renowned Author and Teacher

Banafsheh is magnificent!


Gabrielle Bernstein, Author and Teacher

Banafsheh is the ultimate artist, the one who says yes to creating her own way and sees too the value of establishing true technique to support that way. It is a privilege to watch her beautiful dance. Watching her move is to watch an ecstatic. What is so extraordinary about ‘Banafsheh Dance?’ Her hands are so graceful and beautiful to watch. Her body merges with the music and with spirit and she moves with a divine integrity. She is like water: flowing and strong. I cannot get the images of her turning out of my mind’s eye. Banafsheh is really extraordinary, her whole being becomes transformed into fluid strengths and poetry. Congratulations to her for achieving such a high level of mastery.

Legendary Flamenco Dancer, Choreographer & Banafsheh’s beloved Flamenco Teacher


Antonia Kabakov, Dancer and Choreographer

Banafsheh, the number of people you have healed must be in many 1000s. Your prescriptions and treatments do not have adverse side effects. They are “Controlled Time Release” fixing, the body, mind, soul, the conscious, and subconscious aspects of people with therapeutic benefits radiating to their friends and family.


Dr. Mohammad Navab, Professor, UCLA Cardiology

Master of Mystical Persian Dance, when Banafsheh teaches or performs, she moves with an attitude of liquid gold pouring over silk velvet. Banafsheh embodies what it means to dance with abandon, and to live the ecstatic poetry of Rumi as luminous moonlight on radiant silver clouds. Watching her dance is to glimpse something both otherworldly as well as fully grounded in the momentous meaning of the present.


Felicia Tomasko, Editor in Chief, LA Yoga

Banafsheh’s Dance of Oneness series is a powerful immersion into the center of our spiritual being. Through her chosen avenue within the medium of dance, she draws on her spiritual cultural forms, bringing together levels of earth and heaven within herself as a pure and fluid vehicle, expanding possibilities through Presence and embodied Awareness. From the form of her personal inheritance of Persian dance as well as other traditional dances like flamenco, she opens inner space, becoming a Container of Love in a new and evolving expansion of boundaries and awareness, evident in her powerful movements and her soft surrendered curves. In these days when our spiritual traditions are hitting up against globalism, everything is in question and change. Banfsheh’s dance embodies this new awareness and supports its growth. Audience and students alike receive her vibrations, passing on a new torch of fire and light through resonances deeply felt in our hearts through her pure aesthetics. Her total mind-body Awareness, the opening of energy fields, is an absolute prerequisite to sustain the “turn” of the Whirling Dance, connected to particular energy fields moving in unity without ourselves when the dance becomes Worship. What she brings supports our connection the the Divine Oneness as well as our Humanity, allowing us to serve as a bridge between divine energies and the world in a most natural and beautiful way.


Amy Barker-Wilson, Artist

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