Dance of Oneness®
The art of dance: rigorous technique & self expression
Dance as a spiritual path
Embodying Sufi, Taoist and Divine Feminine wisdom teachings
Science of embodiment & healing
Drawn from Chinese Medicine, Neuroscience, and the Chakra system

Dance of Oneness

Dance of Oneness® is a transformational dance modality designed by Banafsheh that fuses mindfulness, sacred embodiment and personal development. It is empowering and healing, and opens you to beauty and divine service.

Banafsheh’s spiritual teachings through dance, movement and meditation are based in embodying our purpose for being alive. “Love  your Self and your body, and live in the world as a Lover,” is Banafsheh’s message.

Dance of Oneness® is suitable for all people who love to dance and move to fully embody themselves, including but not limited to dancers, dance teachers, yoga and other movement teachers and artists of all kinds. Try a session!

Dance of Oneness® is a Certification Program for all teachers, performers, artists and those who want to delve deeper into the practive.

Dance of Oneness® works in 3 dimensions: the Art of Dance, Wisdom Teachings and Healing. (Click on the links below to learn more)


Dance of Oneness® sessions are a combination of dance, personal development and embodied spirituality. Most sessions have components of dance and movement, stretching, whirling, poetry recitation, chanting, meditation, sacred anatomy, physiology and wisdom teachings. The level of intensity is relative to the individual or group’s ability. The program is offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. The beginning level is open to everyone, regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience. The only requirement is a longing to embody yourself fully and integrate your heart, body and mind through a body based practice.