Sacred Dance: Moving into Divine Energy

Shamanism Summit: Invoking Ancient Wisdom
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Women’s Summit 2021

Banafsheh’s Legacy

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Performance Videos

Persian Sufi Dance: Banafsheh and ZARBANG Live in Los Angeles
Persian Sufi Dance: Falling in Love
Mystical Persian Dance: Golden Wheat
Contemporary Sacred Dance: Love Comes with a Knife
Banafsheh, Sacred Dancer and Choreographer
Persian Sufi Dance: The Nature of My Soul
Prayer #7: NAMAH & ZARBANG Live in Dusseldorf
Come From the Light: NAMAH & ZARBANG Live in Chicago
Into the Vast: Banafsheh & ZARBANG Live in Dusseldorf
Beloved: Live Performance in Los Angeles
Saqi, the Muse: Dance Session in Stockholm

Dance of Oneness Workshop in Santa Monica, CA