What is Embodiment?
By Banafsheh Sayyad

Embodiment is consciously living our spiritual wholeness in and through our physical body.

We are spiritual beings undertaking a physical journey. Embodiment means living the oneness and interconnectedness of all that is through the individual self and the body, recognizing and affirming that you are part of a living, connected universe. It is a dance of balancing and uniting body and soul, matter and energy, particle and wave, the inner and outer terrain. As above so below, as within so without.
Embodiment begins simply with sensing your body.
Much of our daily life is spent placing our awareness outside ourselves. We tend to exist from the neck up, seeing the body as something that must be controlled, whipped into shape, or transcended. Yet, it is exactly in this body, “…in this dimension, that our souls are perfected in all dimensions.”

Embodiment is grounding yourself lovingly in the Earth while at the same time finding your wings to fly! You become as strong and resilient as the Earth, and as light and flexible as a feather, a channel for the transmission of light and consciousness in the world in your unique authentic way.
The light is the same, but the lamps are different.
– Jalaleddin Rumi

Our world desperately needs authentic tools for embodiment.

As climate change threatens our environment, health, social and political structures, we are called to activate tools that help us live an embodied, spiritual life in service of co-creating a harmonious and just world.

The path to embodiment can be found through dance. Dance offers the necessary tools to align your body, heart, and mind with your purpose for being alive. It helps you uncover your authentic self as it brings you into rhythm and harmony with others. Dance grounds you in a timeless peace. It is from this place of peace that you find the strength to act. It also helps you embody joy that will give you the energy to endure the growing challenges we all face individually and as a collective.
True embodiment initiates you into experiencing yourself as a channel of love.
Embodying who we truly are initiates us into becoming a radiant channel for healing the Earth and its ihhabitant. Embodiment is connecting with others in a meaningful way beyond words. You come alive in your body and infuse your body with love—the cellular presence of the Beloved in you, as you.

The more present you are in your body, the more ALIVE you feel, and the more you can experience the infinite.

As you continue along the path of embodiment, you discover a mysterious paradox. The more you are present in the “finite” body, the more you can experience yourself and life as infinite. When you become conscious in your body, you can experience the non-physicality of the soul. The invitation is to let your body and soul become dance partners and unite as one.