In the Fire of Grace Dance Film

Rumi’s Journey of the Soul in Dance

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Sacred dancer and choreographer, Banafsheh ignites your soul with her explosive passion as she becomes the embodiment of Rumi’s poetry. She dances through the flames of death and rebirth in the 5 stages of the mystical path that trace the soul’s archetypal journey into union with the Beloved.

Banafsheh’s signature style of the timeless Divine Feminine inside a contemporary gypsy darvish, beckons us to live with passion, wildness, and reverence. In this film, her transmission comes through Sufi whirling, classical and contemporary Persian dance with traces of Flamenco.

Spiritual teacher and scholar, Andrew Harvey, lends his powerful voice to Rumi’s poetry and summons Banafsheh deeper into the flames of death and rebirth. A Shakespeare of the soul, Harvey’s delivery of Rumi’s poetry is captivating.

The dances throughout In the Fire of Grace are illumined by discussions exploring the urgency of Rumi’s message of love to our turbulent world.

The music is by ZARBANG, Davoud Azad, Dr. L. Subramaniam, Pejman Hadadi and Babak Sharifi.

In the Fire of Grace highlights the devastating yet glorious paradoxes of the mystical journey and how love is both pain and joy–a rare jewel that will inspire and elevate you on your spiritual path.

What People Say about "In the Fire of Grace"

One day, in your wine shop,
I drank a little wine
And I threw off the robe of my body
And I knew, drunk on you,
This universe is harmony.
Creation, destruction,
I dance for them both.
– Jalaleddin Rumi