Dance Performance

Banafsheh’s presentations are not performances but transmissions
Banafsheh performs a repertoire of full-length programs that can be presented in a both traditional proscenium theaters and alternative spaces such as churches, temples, outdoor stages, and private events. She is available for bookings as a solo artist or with the option of adding up to 5 live musicians and an orator to the performance. The following are her current programs:
A full-length performance of multi-disciplinary dance, music and spoken. Created in collaboration with actor/director Shila Ommi, multi-instrumentalist and composer Tony Khalife, the prominent Iranian percussionist Pejman Hadadi, and vocalist Ruth Cunningham, formerly of Anonymous 4.
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Into the Vast

An exuberant full-length work with musicians featuring fusion of contemporary Persian dance and music with Flamenco and Sufi whirling. Into the Vast explores the theme of surrendering oneself to the inner being seated in the temple of the Heart. The poetry of Rumi is recited in both English and the original Persian through the performance. This program is presented with 4 musicians, with or without a live orator.
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Based on the ceremony of the Sufi Whirling Darvishes, Banafsheh interprets the 4 stages of the journey through dance and spoken word. It explores the domain of trance as one enters into union with the Beloved. A full- length work, this program of spiritual transformation can be presented with recorded music or with 2 – 4 live musicians.
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ESHQ – Love’s Wildfire

An evening of dance and live poetry based in Rumi’s poems and Sufi mysticism with renowned scholar and mystic, Andrew Harvey. Banafsheh and Andrew take the audience on a holy and explosive journey into Rumi’s vision of “Eshq” (Persian for love). A marriage of ecstatic dance, poetry and Andrew’s inspired teachings introduces the essence of the Sufi path. This program can be presented with recorded music or 2 to 4 live musicians.
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