We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran & Dance for a Triumphant Revolution! Learn More>>

We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran and Dance for a Triumphant Revolution!

Video Courses

Learn at your own pace
It’s time to dance!
Journey into embodied spirituality through dance to free your body and experience the Unlimited in the comfort of your own home.

Dance of Oneness Daily Practice Level 1

A 37-min mixed level practice with the live music of Tony Khalife and poetry of Rumi. Access a sensual grace and gain tools to navigate our challenging times from a grounded, centered, loving and elevated state of joy and wisdom.

Whirling Dance of the Heart

Learn how to whirl in this 2.5-hr mixed level Course. Let this simple, step by step method combined with Sufi teachings and philosophy, help you overcome dizziness and fear so you can access the benefits of this profound movement meditation.

30 Days of Dance

A 30+ hr mixed level Dance of Oneness® journey through the 4-Elements designed for physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Energize yourself and activate lasting joy, ALIVENESS and peace. Ground, center, open your heart and align with your purpose for being.

Path of the Dancer 1.0

A 12-hr intermediate Dance of Oneness® exploration of the secrets known only to dancers that can open you to your fullest potential. Embody the power, freedom, exuberance, resilience, flexibility, and grace of dance and transform your neurobiology and your life!

Womb of Compassion

A 12-hr intermediate level Dance of Oneness® journey into Sufi and Divine Feminine teachings with a focus on the sacred dance of Sama (whirling) and the Saqi (Muse) in Persian dance. Empower your inner core and dance to spread compassion.

Radiant Embodiment

A 64-hr mixed level journey through the Chakras and Feminine Archetypes designed to activate your light body. Come home to your body with loving, sensual grace, open and balance the Chakras, and embody the Feminine Archetypes corresponding to each Chakra.

Root Chakra Gaia and Black Madonna

In this 8-hr Course, ground yourself lovingly in the Earth, become present in your body and embody the mystery of the Black Madonna with Middle Eastern Tribal Dances, stretching and yoga. Dedicate your dance as a prayer to precious Gaia.

Sacral Chakra, Goddesses Inanna and Aphrodite

In this 8-hr Course, open yourself to the radiance of Eros and reclaim the sacredness of your sexuality as inspired by Goddesses Inanna and Aphrodite. Balance feminine and masculine energies through a sensual flow of Persian dance and Tai Chi.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Goddesses Artemis-Cybele and Sekhmet

In this 8-hr Course, activate self-authority and take up residence in your body with sovereignty through Flamenco. The Goddesses Sekhmet and Artemis-Cybele will empower you to trust your inner knowing with conviction, courage, compassion, and stewardship toward the greater eco-field.

Heart Chakra, Mother Mary and Quan Yin

In this 8-hr Course, enter the shrine of the heart and open yourself to oneness through Waves and Persian dance. Explore the Sufi Path, and learn to embody love as a state of being from Mother Mary and Quan Yin.

Throat Chakra, Mary Magdalene and Rabia

In this 8-hr Course, find your voice, activate creativity and will power. Learn the sacred dance of Sama (whirling). Receive inspiration from Mary Magdalene and Sufi mystic Rabia to courageously express your truth. Receive vocal training from musician Tony Khalife.

Brow Chakra and Goddess Isis

In this 8-hr Course, learn to activate your Pineal Gland, and powers of insight, intuition and manifestation through meditation, Sama (whirling) and Veil dance. With the inspiration of Goddess Isis, expand your mind and let your inner vision take flight.

Crown Chakra and The Shekinah

In this 8-hr Course, experience the interconnectedness of all that is in your body through Sama, Veil dance and Spiral movement. Activate your Crown Chakra with inspiration from the Shekinah. Explore the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine.

Soul Chakra and Sophia

In this 8-hr Course, ground your soul in your body, and step into your unlimited self with the inspiration of Sophia, the soul of the world. Explore transfiguration, the union of light and matter through Sama, Veil dance and Spirals.

Madonna Rising

A 14-hr mixed level initiation into the transformative teachings of the Black Madonna, the Assumption of Mary as the marriage of spirit and matter, and Chartres Cathedral through lecture, dance and music featuring Anne Baring, Andrew Harvey and other faculty.

Dance of Oneness® is the dance I had been waiting to do all my life. From a young age I had danced, read watched and followed Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Joffery Ballet, Margie Gillis, Gabriel Roth and many more than I can name that moved in a way that spoke to me. Dance of Oneness® is the culmination of all that I had been drawn to in the other dance forms which seemed to be missing the main ingredient. Banafsheh has found the missing thread which is the opening to the Beloved, to truly give yourself in movement to the Divine energy that resides and moves through all of us from the Earth and the Heavens. I felt that for the first time in our dancing. It also reintroduced me to my own body, allowed me to accept my imperfections and for the first time in years swim naked in the ocean. All of this and more.

Janet Sawatsky


Transformative! Banafsheh skillfully takes us step by step to an experience of dance that brings me deeper into my body, to peace, feeling grounded and open to beauty and to love. Most importantly for me, the process brought me to experience a lovingness toward myself. I appreciate her presence of gentleness and fierce passion, and I’m inspired to bring my best self into my world.

Mary Regis