We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran & Dance for a Triumphant Revolution! Learn More>>

We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran and Dance for a Triumphant Revolution!

Dancing with Heartbreak

I’ve been seeking guidance regarding the role of those of us who advocate for unity of all people and peaceful coexistence in the face of the escalating horrors in addition to doing everything possible to stop a war that will ultimately do little more than multiply tragedy and hatred.

And the resounding response I keep receiving is: LOVE.

Love as many people and creatures as deeply as possible, without exception.

Humanity and the Earth are in desperate need of the healing power of love now more than ever. We need to up our game and shine the light of unity where there is division, and foster the light of peace where discord prevails.

It is important to be aware of the conflicts and their origins, but resist the urge to fan their flames.

It’s also essential that we make amends with those we may have unresolved issues with, even if only from a distance.

Moreover, we need to look at ourselves with unwavering honesty and address any lingering hate, prejudice, or aggression within, seeking to heal and transmute these aspects for as long as there is conflict inside us, we will witness conflict outside of us.

We are called to be beacons of unconditional love. This is our sacrifice as our ego often yearns for taking sides, engaging in polarization and throwing energetic grenades.

So, let’s dance… and step into being lovers and let our lover’s heart respond to life.

Much like our Great Mother, may we develop the capacity to hold both realities: the tragic bloodshed that must cease immediately, and the joy of existing in this present moment, appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and resides within us.

May we dwell in beauty, allowing it to inform and direct our actions in the face of injustice and cruelty, becoming messengers of love, rays of the sun, and symbols of unity.

May we recognize that being a human being is a balancing act, a continuous effort to harmonize opposites… not turning away from the pain, yet also never losing sight of the joy inherent in simply being alive… holding both in this creative moment that is our life.

💜 B


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Janet Sawatsky


Transformative! Banafsheh skillfully takes us step by step to an experience of dance that brings me deeper into my body, to peace, feeling grounded and open to beauty and to love. Most importantly for me, the process brought me to experience a lovingness toward myself. I appreciate her presence of gentleness and fierce passion, and I’m inspired to bring my best self into my world.

Mary Regis