We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran & Dance for a Triumphant Revolution! Learn More>>

We Stand With the Freedom Fighters in Iran and Dance for a Triumphant Revolution!

The Woman, Life, Freedom Summit:
Voices on the Liberation Movement in Iran

The feminine uprising in Iran following the brutal murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of Iran’s “morality police” and the tsunami of global protests that have followed remind us that there is power in community

… but only if we stand with our sisters and brothers in Iran  — and seize this moment to reclaim the sanctity of each individual life and the right for all of us to live with freedom.

The 5-day Woman, Life, Freedom Summit that was broadcast on the Humanity Rising program featured different perspectives on the liberation movement in Iran which has united Iranians in Iran and outside of Iran like never before over the past 43 years around the core slogan Woman, Life, Freedom. 

Check out the videos of the Summit below.


Jim Garrison, PhD, President of Ubiquity University and host of  Humanity Rising, will welcome us on each day of the summit and educate us about the Persian heritage and spirit.

Pupak Haghighi, Iranian born writer, visual artist, and founder of Trees for Hope, a charity to rewild the Fertile Crescent, presents the current ecological condition of Iran and her vision for regeneration on Day 5.

Andrew Harvey, mystic and scholar, founder of sacred activism and author of more than 30 books, gives an inspirational talk on Day 1 about the uprising in Iran and sends blessings to the brave women and men in Iran.

Lynne McTaggart, American alternative medicine activist, lecturer, and author of 6 books including The Intention Experiment and The Field, guides us into a guided intention for freedom in Iran on Day 1.

Kambiz Naficy, Iranian spiritual leader and founder of The Joy of Life Organization (Neshat Zendegi), interprets the Day 1 Event in Persian and speaks about inner regeneration on Day 5.

Sri Preethaji, spiritual teacher, philosopher and co-founder of Ekam, a world center of enlightenment in India, guides us into a short meditation to bless the brave people of Iran on Day 1.

Banafsheh Sayyad, Iranian born founder of Dance of Oneness, and moderator of the sessions, guides us into an embodiment practice, and offers  the Sufi whirling dance to spiral our  intention into the world on Day 1.

Maryam Sayyad, PhD, Iranian born mythologist, designer, writer, and lecturer at Ubiquity University, Studio School, and CCE presents The Body and Soul of the Feminine Revolution in Iran on Day 2.

V. playwright and author of The Vagina Monologues and several books including The Apology, founder of V-Day, and co-founder of the City of Joy, speaks about the implications of the Women led revolution on Day 4.

Marianne Williamson, beloved author and spiritual activist, offers hope and inspiration to our collective Dark Night, guiding us into a deeper sense of what’s truly possible within us and for humanity on Day 1.

Stephen Zunes, PhD, professor of Politics and Intl. Studies at USF and leading scholar of U.S. Middle East policy and strategic nonviolent action, presents lessons from the Sudanese revolution on Day 3.

Day 1: A Global Intention Event for Iran

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Persian Stream

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Featuring an introduction by Jim Garrison; inspirational talks by Marianne Williamson and Andrew Harvey; meditation and blessing by Sri Preethaji; embodiment practice and whirling by Banafsheh Sayyad; and a guided intention for freedom in Iran led by Lynne McTaggart. 
 Kambiz Naficy offers translation in Persian.

Day 2: The Body and Soul of the Feminine Revolution in Iran

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Maryam Sayyad, PhD speaks about what has brought Iranian women to the point of revolution, providing a back-story of this movement before turning to the colossal mythic shift taking place underneath it. She demonstrates how the feminine divine is rising in real time to disarm the conquering god who has subdued Her for far too long.

Day 3: Lessons from the Sudanese Revolution of 2019

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Stephen Zunes, PhD speaks about Sudan and shares important lessons from their revolution of 2019  where the people succeeded in overthrowing their Islamic dictatorship nonviolently. He lists key points that the Iranian revolutionaries can learn from their Sudanese counterparts. 

Day 4: The Global Implications of a Women's Revolution

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V, who has been a voice and an inspiration for woman all over the world for decades and has helped and supported them, speaks about the global implications of the women led revolution in Iran.
This video also features art, and voices of young Iranian women describing what freedom in Iran would look like for them.

Day 5: A Vision of Inner & Outer Regeneration in Iran

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Pupak Haghighi speaks about the current environmental crisis in Iran and the potentials and possibilities that the women led uprising in Iran is unleashing for protecting all life on our planet. Kambiz Naficy speaks about the psyche of the 3 generations that make up the current demographic of Iran and the importance of inner regeneration.

This summit comes as a direct request from a group of young Iranian women  freedom fighters in Iran...

Dear Global Family,

Let’s together journey inward to create a shift in our outer world… For women! For life! For freedom! 

We strongly feel that the historic uprising in Iran led primarily by young women is a call for us in the spiritual community to come together as one. Many believe that we can shift the age-old structures of dominance by unifying our intentions.

We invite you to join in solidarity with our courageous sisters and brothers who are fighting for their basic human rights worldwide, including our dear home Iran.

May we catalyze a true shift in consciousness: the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new era for our world.

Be omide roshanaayi!   به امید روشنایی
Here is to brighter days!

Help us heed the call and hold the intention of these brave women for freedom in Iran.

Let us stand with the brave people of Iran in vigilant solidarity… in the deep recognition of our interconnectedness…

and the profound knowing that when a person… a group or a country makes the decision to liberate themselves, that liberation becomes the liberation of everyone

their freedom becomes our freedom…

as they shake free their shackles, we learn to do the same.

By holding the intention for freedom in Iran, we can catalyze a shift beyond the clutch of fear and the violence of doing nothing toward a forgotten path of what is sacred and worth rising for within all of us — and all of life.

For Mahsa… and for the generations of Iranian women who somehow still remain hopeful for brighter days.

For 16-year-old girls Nika Shakarami, Sarina Esmailzadeh and countless others who were beaten to death for demanding their basic freedom.

For those Iranians and others around the world who were tortured, killed or simply disappeared while standing up for their basic human rights.

For those who were forced to flee their beloved homelands with little more than the clothes on their backs and wonder if they’d ever return.

For hope,
For love.


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Dance of Oneness® is the dance I had been waiting to do all my life. From a young age I had danced, read watched and followed Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Joffery Ballet, Margie Gillis, Gabriel Roth and many more than I can name that moved in a way that spoke to me. Dance of Oneness® is the culmination of all that I had been drawn to in the other dance forms which seemed to be missing the main ingredient. Banafsheh has found the missing thread which is the opening to the Beloved, to truly give yourself in movement to the Divine energy that resides and moves through all of us from the Earth and the Heavens. I felt that for the first time in our dancing. It also reintroduced me to my own body, allowed me to accept my imperfections and for the first time in years swim naked in the ocean. All of this and more.

Janet Sawatsky


Transformative! Banafsheh skillfully takes us step by step to an experience of dance that brings me deeper into my body, to peace, feeling grounded and open to beauty and to love. Most importantly for me, the process brought me to experience a lovingness toward myself. I appreciate her presence of gentleness and fierce passion, and I’m inspired to bring my best self into my world.

Mary Regis